Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy Statement

Regal Moving & Storage Ltd is committed to an Integrated Management System to control a wide range of furniture removal, storage & packing services with a professional workforce in the UK & Europe.  To achieve this, the company recognises the need to have effective management working to an integrated management system that meets the criteria of ISO14001:2015, ISO9001:2015, BS EN12522-1:1998, & BS EN12522-2:1998. This will ensure that throughout the business, environmental risks are identified, environmentally safe systems of work are adopted & best practise is shared.

Regal recognises that it has a duty of care to protect & safeguard the environment. Regal respects the natural environment, the built, social & economic environments on all locations on which it may operate.  Regal are committed to conducting our operations in an environmentally & socially responsible manner & will work closely with our customers, partners, subcontractors & other interested parties to:

  • Respect & contribute positively to the local community in which we operate;
  • Offer opportunities to improve energy efficiency & reduce carbon emissions;
  • Promote the use of renewable resources in preference to non-renewable;
  • Source products that are manufactured with due regard to human rights;
  • Protect & enhance ecologies.

We are committed to engaging with professional & regulatory organisations as well as our customers to help raise environmental standards. We are committed to continual improvement through the adoption of innovative techniques & best practises that exceed customer expectations, meet societal needs & achieve better environmental outcomes. Using the structure as defined in the Integrated Management System we will set realistic environmental objectives & targets & monitor compliance so that we:

  • Comply with all compliance requirements as a minimum standard in any location;
  • Prevent pollution & protect both the natural & built environments;
  • Reduce the effects of noise, dust, disturbance & inconvenience arising from our activities;
  • Use resources; raw materials, energy, & water efficiently & with consideration to life cycle stages;
  • Purchase & use goods & materials that are not scarce or known to cause environmental harm;
  • Minimise waste through re-use & recycling & safely dispose of any waste;
  • Consult those affected by our work & respond promptly to any complaints or incidents; report & analyse these in accordance with the management systems requirements.

In our premises, offices & via transport arrangements we seek to progressively:

  • Reduce fuel consumption in our vehicles;
  • Improve energy efficiency & reduce energy wastage in the premises we occupy;
  • Reduce waste.

We will actively involve our employees & ensure through training that they are aware of the environmental impacts of their activities & know how to act responsibly. It is the responsibility employee in the business to:

  • Perform their job so as to comply with all environmental requirements;
  • Stop if they believe what they are doing will cause pollution or an environmental incident, &;
  • Look out for environmental improvement opportunities.

The effectiveness of our management arrangements in delivering this policy together with our environmental performance & compliance with legislation is routinely monitored & reported to the senior management team on a regular basis. This environmental policy will be brought to the attention of all employees & persons working on behalf of Regal. The policy will be reviewed annually is freely available to the public via the Regal website.

Signature:                                                                                   Name: Bradley Davolls

Date:                                                                                              Position: Managing Director